Juayua Waterfalls

Juayua Waterfalls, Los Chorros de la Calera, located in La Ruta de las Flores in El Salvador

Los Chorros de la Calera, located in Juayua, Ruta de las Flores, El Salvador. Beautiful Natural Waterfalls, unfortunately not safe to go alone. Many reports of robberies in the waterfalls, you can get an escort from the Juayua Police if you really want to go. There are also local guides who will take care of you for a couple of dollars. I must say this place has lost value for me...the unsecurity of the place as well as the unpredictabliity of the place make it too difficult for tourism. The waterfalls are located inside private property and the owners can close it whenever they want. Its very unfortunate as these used to be a very popular destination for locals and tourists. As of now, jan 2019, the entrance is closed due to repairs. To get to the waterfalls you can either take a tuctuc from Juayua or drive to the nearest parking and then hike about 20 minutes to get there. Never go alone, its not completely safe. There used to be some tunnels between the waterfalls, it was a highlight of the trip to go through the tunnels; the tunnels were closed by the owners.