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Private tours are a way to efficiently use your time in Central America. Visit the places you want to see with the company of a knowledgeable driver and tourguide. Hire a private tourguide in to show you the most important places of our countries. I provide tours to all countries in Central America. I have worked as a tourleader in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Panama and Guatemala so Im very familiar with the most important cities, towns, activities and natural spots of each of these countries. I can drive you around these nations, so you dont have to worry about vehicle procedures in between the borders. In Central America, its a big advantage to have your own translator, because the big majority of personnel working for the government doesnt speak or understand English. All the paperwork and instructions are also in Spanish only.

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Central America has amazing volcanoes, cloud forests and tropical forests with great hiking trails. The most popular hiking takes place at the volcanoes and cloud forests where you can spot beautiful nature. The rainforests and cloudforests in Costa Rica and Panama and the volcanoes in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador offer amazing hiking trails for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

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The Culture of El Salvador remains very authentic due to the low tourism we have in our country. Cultural tours can include a visit to the Route of the Flowers, where you can enjoy a coffee tour, the beautiful murals in Ataco, the stunning views of the Volcanoes or the refreshing waterfalls in Juayua. Cultural Tours can also include visits to the Museum of Anthropoklogy, the souvenir Market in San Salvador, and the downtown tour of San Salvador and Santa Tecla where you can experience life from a salvadorean point of view.

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I have worked as a tourleader through the 7 countries of Central America. Im very familiar with the touristic activities in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Panama and Guatemala and can easily coordinate a tour around these countries. My bases are San Salvador and Tegucigalpa buy I have lived and worked in San Jose, Costa Rica and in Antigua, Guatemala.