el salvador layover tour
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El Salvador Layover Tour

Things to do during a layover in eL SALVADOR

El Salvador's International Airport is now being used by AVIANCA as a Hub for flight connections. Flights from North America to South America and North America to Belize are usually connected in our Only International Airport. It is important to mention that even though its offically called San Salvador International Airport, its geographically located east, a 45 minute drive away from the capital of the country. It is also important to mention that the name of the airport was changed from Comalapa to Oscar Romero Airport, around 4 years ago. Important things to know about your layover tour: to leave the airport you need to pay a $10 visa fee to the immigration authorities (USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand citizens only, Asian and European citizens do not pay an entree fee). Before you do this procedure please check with AVIANCA's staff to see if you also need to pay AVIANCA a $15 tax fee, depending on your flights details. Your luggage will be moved by AVIANCA from one plane to the other, and you are basically checked-in. When you return to the airport, you need to go through immigration and security again, usually a 20 minute procedure. It usually takes 30-45 minutes for a person to exit the airport and on the way back we can arrive 2-1 hours before of your flight, you can decide at what time you want to be back and I will accomodate to that. My priority is that we are back at the right time for your next flight. The most popular options for layovers are Beach Tours and City Tours for short layovers and Mayan Ruins, Volcano visits for longer layovers. Please check my options.

Popular Tours

el salvador beach layover tour
Beach Layover Tour

The tour starts with a visit to the Pier of La Libertad (30 minute drive from the airport), here we can observe the fishmarket and the fishing boats being picked up at the Pier. This is as authentic as it can get, you can have a feel of the local culture, economy and gastronomy all in one place. Then we move to El Tunco, which is the most visited place by foreigners. Its a Surf Town, everything and everyone moves around Surf and here you can see a nice mix between foreign tourism and local businesses. Also a great place to try the local food, PUPUSA. Ideal place to hace an authentic local breakfast. Then we move to a nearby beach so you can spend the rest of your layover laying in a hammock with the music of the ocean playing right in front of you. Some people like to swim in the ocean, this is also possible please come ready with your bating suit on or in your carry on.

san salvador layover tour
Layover-City Tour

City-tours are also a very popular options for visitors that want to experience the real local salvadorean culture. The tour usually includes a visit to the Volcano of San Salvador, its only 40 minutes from the city. There is a short 15 minute walk to the summit, where you can see the Crater. The temperature and temperature here are very pleasant, there are coffee shops and restaurants around if you want to have a meal with the best view of San Salvador. Then we move to Santa Tecla, to see the downtown area and go check out the markets from the inside. Then we move to San Salvador's downtown where we visit The Cathedral and the Rosario Church, which in my opinion is the most attractive artistically and historically in the whole downtown. Then, if we have time, we can try the local PUPUSA on the way back to the airport.

mayan ruins el salvador layover tour
Long Layovers options

El Salvador has Mayan Ruins 2 hours away from the airport, San Andres was the most important city in the area between 300ac and 900ac. Joya de Ceren is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in El Salvador. Ruta de las Flores, Cerro Verde and Lake Coatepeque are also very popular options for travellers during a long layover. We can coordinate a hike around the Cerro Verde Volcano park and combine it with either the Ruta de las Flores, Lake Coatepeque or an archaeological site. Please contact us with your interests and we can list you some options to choose.